This scene was pulled because of the gory details.  This is Alvin's break out scene.

This first outtake is the original prologue.  It is the dream that wakes Tara in the first chapter.  This was one of the chapters that win Wild Obsession a 1st place win from the Dixie Kane writing contest in 2010.

Outtakes from Wild Obsession

Los Angeles, California
Summer - 2005

     A vague, shadowy figure ghosted through the mist of the sleep-induced fog floating through Tara Roberts’ sixteen year old mind.  Her level of consciousness was teetering on the cusp of a deep sleep although she wasn’t quite there yet.  A cold, damp hand suddenly clamped down firmly over her mouth cutting off her breath on a gasp.       

     Her assailant leaned in close, his lips within a whisper’s breath from her ear.  “Hush now, baby.  No need to get upset.  I need you to come with me.”   

     That voice -- she knew him.  Her heart began beating wildly against her chest, its sound as thunderous as a base drum.  She was sure he could hear its pounding rhythm. 

     Fully awake now, her brain began to process the danger she was in as she focused wide-open eyes on his face.  The long strands of his disheveled blonde hair hung haphazardly around his face; his electrifying ice blue eyes were glinting with pure evil. 

      Awareness hit her with the force of a hammer.  She was face-to-face with Alvin Cruz, the crazed teenager who’d been stalking her and demanding her affection. 

     Tara tried pushing strangled words past his clammy fingers but only muffled sounds escaped.  Her body unwillingly rose as he forcefully snatched her off the bed.  One of his hands kept a stranglehold on her mouth while his other pinned the length of her body against his. 

     Once again he whispered in her ear, his liquor-laden breath fanning her face.  “I have a surprise for you, my baby.”  His lips grazed the shell of her ear as he spoke sending a cold shiver racing down her spine.  “Want to see your Daddy?” 

     He pushed her down the hallway towards her parents’ bedroom.  Full-fledged panic seized her when she realized the door to their room was ajar.  With the toe of his well-worn boot, Alvin nudged the door open further making the hinges creak eerily.  Tara began struggling against his tight hold trying to get away but he was just too strong.

     Standing in the doorway, Tara’s gaze fell upon her dad, Terry Roberts.  He lay sprawled face up on the left side of the bed, his lifeless body exposed and on display while his open eyes still transmitted the horror he had endured during his last moments.  A gaping wound stretched from ear-to-ear across his neck; his bright red blood was seeping slowly down his chest.  The right side of the bed was conspicuously empty. 

     She thought frantically.  Where was her mother?  And her younger sisters, Tracy and Meagan?  Were any of them still alive or had he gotten to them, too?  Oh, God!  Had he killed her entire family?  Tara’s mind reeled as bile rose from her stomach, the heart-stopping silence in the room filling her with dread.

     “Just think, my baby.  Daddy can’t keep us apart anymore.  I think we should go find the others.  Would you like to see your mother and sisters now?”  

     With eyes burning from stinging tears and her nose assaulted by the tinny stench of blood, Tara’s breath hitched and her throat clogged.  She couldn’t breathe.  Fearing the possibility that she was about to witness more blood and death, her brain began screaming for help but she knew no one could hear her silent plea.

Chapter Three

 Damn, I can’t believe I’ve finally found her.

     Alvin mused as he continued watching the reality show where Tara Roberts was serving cocktails to a bunch of losers.   

     Always aware of his surroundings, he caught a glimpse of an approaching nurse out of the corner of his eye.  She was carrying a tray in one hand and a cup he presumed was pretty sure contained his meds in the other. 

“Here you go, Mr. Cruz.  It’s time for your afternoon meds.” 

Alvin quickly scanned his surroundings.  An orderly was wheeling the only other patient who had been in the room out into the hallway.

Continuing on with his fascination of the TV program, he ignored the nurse.  Tara was front and center in the shot and was handing out drinks to a bunch of idiots, all of them ogling her as she blatantly flirted with every single one of them.  His mind was about to explode as his temper flared.  How dare she come on to anybody but him!

     “Mr. Cruz.  Your meds.”  The nurse reiterated a little more agitated tone to her voice. 

He continued watching the program and ignored her. 

     “If you don’t take your medicine right now, I’ll send you back to your room.” 

Steadily, he ignored her. 

She let out an exasperated breath and turned towards the television.  After turning it off, she walked back to stand in front of him.  “Do I have your attention now?”  She huffed. 
            Alvin lifted his eyes towards her but didn’t move any other muscles.  Approaching footsteps echoed on the tiled floor.  After quickly glancing at the guard who was entering the recreation room, Alvin turned his eyes back towards the now blank television screen.

     The guard sauntered up beside the nurse.  “Hey there, Frieda.”        

     “Hey, Robbie,” she replied dripping sensuality in her voice. 

Alvin had been watching the pair for weeks.  He knew damn well they were going at it every minute they could.  In fact, he’d bet her panties were wet right now just setting eyes on the mindless fool.  It was obvious they had the hots for each other.  Sometimes he felt like yelling at the moron to just take her to the floor and fuck her brains out.  Hell, he’d enjoy that peep show. 

Freida and Robbie were completely engrossed in conversation, the nurse’s attention now diverted by her lover.  Alvin welcomed the distraction.  For two long fucking years he’d waited for this opportunity.  The time to make his great escape had finally come. 

Slowly, he leaned over to where she held the medicine tray within his reach.  He pilfered two filled syringes off the tray while she continued flirting with the guard.  It didn’t matter what was in the syringes; they would do the job.  With the nurse now in his peripheral vision, he took one last glimpse at the blank TV screen. 

Soon, my baby, soon.  He withdrew a sharp blade he had stashed behind his back.  He had created it from a piece of metal pilfered from the tool shed while assisting the gardener on one of his more lucid days. 

Slowly standing so as not to call attention to himself, he lunged for the nurse.  Poor woman had no idea what hit her as the cold metal blade pierced her back and entered her heart.  Alvin swung sideways allowing her body to free-fall. 

     The guard’s expression was priceless.  “What the fu….?”  He managed to mutter as he tried to reach for the walkie-talkie holstered on his hip.  He never managed to get it free. 

Alvin lunged at him with both needles fisted, one in each hand.  He plunged them deep into the guard’s chest in the vicinity of his heart as the man struggled ineffectively trying to grab a hold of him.  With the syringes still impaled in the man’s chest, he swiftly drew the make-shift knife across the guard’s throat. 

Once the guard’s body slumped to the floor, Alvin ripped off the set of keys hooked on the man’s belt and headed out the room.

     At the end of the hallway, he swiftly opened the laundry chute, grabbed the top and swung his legs inward.  He flew down the chute, his arms folded across his chest.  When his feet hit the floor with a loud thud, three laundry workers all turned to stare at him.  He hurdled himself at the nearest one, a young man who appeared to be in his early twenties.

Outweighing the worker by at least fifty pounds, Alvin managed to get the upper hand in the tussle that ensued.  Without a second thought, he slit the young man’s throat, quick and easy.

     Two young women huddled together near the exit screaming their heads off.  Both looked like the devil was chasing them.  Alvin held his hands up as if surrendering. 

“Now, now, ladies.  No need to panic.  We’re all friends here.”  With slow methodical movements, he approached the two girls, bloody knife still in his hand glinting with reflections from the fluorescent lights. 

     One girl turned to face the other.  “Run!”  She yelled, at the same time shoving her co-worker towards the exit. 

Alvin caught up to the first girl easily just as she turned back to look at him.  Her feet began back peddling, but his reflexes were a lot quicker than hers.  She screamed in fright as he knocked her down face first.  Before she could maneuver herself back up, he pinned her down with his legs, one on each side of her hips. 

Wrapping her long brown tresses in his hand, he tugged hard.  Her head lifted and she grunted in distress.  He bent his head towards her ear and whispered.  “Too bad there isn’t enough time.  I’d love to find out just how good a piece of ass you would be.” 

With her terrified eyes transfixed on Alvin, she started to scream just as the crude blade flew once more across her delicate throat.  Her scream came out in a gurgle of blood. 

     Alvin looked towards his last obstacle, the last worker.  Huddled against the back door, she whimpered as she tried unsuccessfully to pry it open, fear filled glances darting his way. 

With perfectly executed precision, he lifted the bloody knife and aimed.  A whoosh filled the air as the blade flew towards its intended victim landing directly in the middle of her forehead.  Her heart stopped beating seconds before her body hit the floor.